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Welcome to Vennison Technologies Inc, a pioneering and swiftly evolving full-service IT services firm, where we utilize advanced technologies such as artificial Intelligence, big data, and blockchain into tailored solutions for your dynamic business models.


For years, we have been a beacon of innovative IT solutions, not just in the Dallas area, but beyond. Our services encapsulate avant-garde technology solutions, crafted with precision to resonate with the specific demands and future vision of your business.


Let our experts guide your technological journey with strategic IT counsel, management, and support, enabling you to shift your focus from tech concerns to your fundamental business areas.


Experience cost-effective and sensibly robust solutions with Vennison Technologies Inc. Dive deeper to uncover how we can navigate your digital transformation.


Vennison Technologies Inc, formerly known as Sriven, LLC, is an E-verified company.




While our expertise spans various services, we focus on three pivotal domains: artificial intelligence-powered business intelligence, advanced data warehousing, and interactive dashboards & reporting. Discover more about each aspect below.

Artificial Intelligence-Powered Business Intelligence

Allow us to transform your data into actionable insights, employing artificial intelligence to merge siloed systems and create intuitive reporting, thus elevating your BI capabilities.

Advanced Data Warehousing

Data integrity is paramount to drive informed decisions. We manage your data warehousing necessities, encompassing quality assurance, data modeling, performance tuning, and ETL processes, safeguarding the reliability of your data.

Interactive Dashboards & Reporting

Ensuring data utility through adept visualization is imperative. From crafting web dashboards to mobile scorecards, we make your data actionable and perceptible, driving informed decision-making.


Expertise is invaluable, but its application is pivotal. Explore our unique, AI-enhanced approach to maximize business intelligence utility and foster data-driven decision-making.

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